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Who is Hardy Brooklyn

Hardy Brooklyn is an artist and storyteller who uses his own experiences to encourage people to explore the depths of their being and challenge the norms of society. His focus is creating meaningful experiences and environments that bring people together to push their boundaries without pushing buttons.  Hardy Brooklyn’s art promotes self-reflection, acceptance, and understanding of who we are and the power of our personal journeys. His creative work influences and is informed by his life coaching practice encouraging audiences and clients to explore beyond the boundaries of everyday life to discover new perspectives and live authentically. Hardy Brooklyn’s work celebrates individuality and reminds people never to be afraid of the unknown.
Hardy Brooklyn works in a variety of mediums that currently include participatory live art experiences, curation, and performance, as well as modeling for and collaborating with body painters, photographers, sculptors, painters, performers, and other artists. In all mediums, his work emphasizes public engagement and social good, revealing a vibrant humanity that inspires self-discovery and adventure in viewers, participants, and collaborators.

“Very proficient and extremely hard working. I was amazed with Hardy’s resourcefulness. A real professional model who will push it all the way to get the shot right.”

– cx image · Photographer


Its all about timing, and that’s all.

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If you’re looking for someone always available, friendly, and helpful, look no further than me. I’m super easy to reach, whether you want to search the web, message me here, or find me on Facebook. I’m open to discussing anything that interests you, from personal growth to professional development. And if you want to chat with someone who cares, Hardy is a fantastic life coach and listener. So don’t hesitate to reach out; I’m also a creative person who loves art and design. I’m your guy if you ever want to discuss or brainstorm on an art project!

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Hardy Brooklyn