If creating sustainable change is on your bucket list—or one of your sincere New Year’s Resolutions—then please join us for the free workshop Five Building Blocks to Facilitate Change.
The three-session workshop is December 7th, 14th & 21st at 6-7 PM Eastern Standard Time.
Just register on Eventbrite to join us live or watch the recordings. (Or join us live AND watch the recordings!)
During this absorbing workshop, Stan and Hardy will work with you on changing your mindset and setting goals while helping to demystify those pesky limiting beliefs.
After attending the workshop, you will have five (5) tools to help you move forward on your journey through life in 2022—(re)invigorated with a more positive outlook!
How the Five Building Blocks to Facilitate Change Workshop Came to Be
Stan Nelson here. (You can call me “Stan.”) (But only if you register for the course!)
In all seriousness, I’ve been working with the one-of-a-kind Hardy Brooklyn for over two years now. Two (pretty darn phenomenal) coaches helping each other start life coaching businesses. Practicing our coaching, trying out different techniques, and holding each other accountable.
As we began emerging from the pandemic lockdown, we decided to collaborate on
bringing people the steps to:
start piecing their lives back together; and
move forward as stress-free and positively as possible.
Five Building Blocks to Facilitate Change is about making change easy. (Or at least a lot easier.)
Creating change for a new beginning for the New Year in 2022.
How often do you hear—or find yourself lamenting that—“Change is hard”? We hear it all the time—but it does not have to be. To make it easy—or easier—you must first be aware of the changes you need, the mechanics of change, and have a tool box with instructions to assist you.
If you are wondering if this workshop is for you, just ask yourself:
Am I longing to move forward? (Who isn’t?)
Do I find change hard and/or scary? (Who doesn’t?)
I sometimes find myself in a negative spiral and don’t know how to break out of it. (Been there and done that!)
Never fear—Stan and Hardy are here! And, while we love good humor, we’re intensely serious about helping clients identify, achieve, and maintain their life goals.
We’ll look at “the change triangle,” fundamentals of goal setting, and begin undoing limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Stan Nelson
As a “moving forward and goal success coach” based in Perth, Western Australia, I work with positive-minded people—who are changing roles, moving up, at a crossroads, Covid-affected, and/or feeling stuck—on how to create extraordinary lives and produce amazing results.
My training to become a coach began in 2019 with The Life Coaching College, where I earned a qualification in coaching tools, neurolinguistic programming (NLP), timeline therapy, and hypnosis.
I love helping people through personal discovery, goal-setting, and life purpose—because it’s MY life purpose!
We help you shift your mindset, identify and work through the obstacles that are stopping you, and break through your limiting beliefs. Bridging the gap from where you are to where you want to be, we empower you to be resourceful, marvelous, powerful, and happy so you can have a richer, fuller, and more rewarding life.
I also enjoy helping people discover new possibilities as a martial arts coach, outdoor recreation guide, and scout leader. In other words, whether you’re looking for more from your career or your life, in general, I’m all about helping you find your path, navigate your way, overcome obstacles, keep you paddling, and build a ladder to the next level.
Hardy Brooklyn
Life coach and performance artist “Hardy Brooklyn” helps people considering or experiencing life transitions to discover—and start living—their authentic selves through transformational life and business coaching. He co-hosts and produces podcasts and webinars on topics including creativity and change. He has also given  trainings and workshops on consent and acted as consent monitor for multiple organizations and events. Hardy has performed at multiple improv and open-mic events, including The Moth story slam. Hardy has appeared in 20+ film and television productions and models for art photography projects. He is an enthusiastic bicyclist and advocate for safe and sustainable transportation. Committed to living his true, authentic self—wherever that may lead—he is willing to try anything from all-over body painting to cricket-based protein bars.
Hardy’s coaching approach applies his improv skills, combined with techniques he learned on his journey through Achology Life Coach and Achology NLP Practitioner trainings, to a help his clients navigate change and live authentically as their true selves.  His journey continues with Transformation Happiness Life Coaching coming to his toolbox soon—with more down the road.
Wearing his vibrant, quirky personality on his sleeve—if he’s even wearing a sleeve!—Hardy delivers thought-provoking talks that motivate and inspire a wide range of audiences. Drawing from nearly three decades of successful entrepreneurial experience and the wisdom gained through experiential learning, classes, and living his authentic self, Hardy empowers audiences  to explore and pursue their own personal and professional growth. Straightforward, animated, and humorous, Hardy has an amazing ability to connect with and captivate people’s attention by sharing the challenges he’s faced along the way to hard-won achievements, and how he’s overcome and even grown from them. That is also how he helps his clients identify, face, and overcome their challenges.

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