Earlier this year Hardy was invited to be interviewed on the Kathenas talk entertainment site about lifestyle changes and how lifestyle affects life. Hardy was interviewed in Brooklyn Bridge Park along the water by Chris Richardson, and he talked about a number of things including art, BDSM and fetish life, and how living your true self sometimes has major consequences because society has a lot of preconceived notions. Hardy encourages you to listen to the interview and let him know how you feel. One lucky person who gives feedback by submitting it from the interview to Hardy directly (or by posting a comment on the interview thread and tagging Hardy Brooklyn in it) will be entered to win either a free pair of tickets to one of Hardy’s upcoming events or a night out with Hardy. The winner will be randomly selected by a computer.

The actual interview was a lot of fun. Hardy wore one of his signature looks, crochet pants and a leather harness, and he and Chris sat on a park bench with the video camera standing on the path. They were nice entertainment for the passing families and tourists that were visiting the park. Chris did a great job of keeping the conversation interesting and flowing. He asked and encouraged Hardy to talk truly and from the heart and from reality. The days of caring what other people think are well behind Hardy for the most part. The interview was posted about six months after it was done; it was still relevant then and it is still relevant today and unfortunately will probably still be relevant in another 50 years.

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