In December Hardy Brooklyn will be in Denver, Colorado, giving a workshop at Talk Sexy on defining your personal boundaries. Hardy will be helping folks understand that their feelings are their own and their body is their own, even when they go out alone, when they go out with a partner, and when they go out to different kinds of events, from club dancing to a gallery opening or just to see music. The workshop will help you whether you’re a swinger or the most conservative “don’t want to be touched” person. Hardy will talk about how to define and convey your boundaries to the public and partners. We’ll work on things like: How do I handle it when someone is being inappropriate with my dog? How do I handle intoxication? How do I handle my boundaries changing? Of course, boundaries and variables are constantly changing based on where you are, how you feel, and who’s around you, unless you have set a hard limit (these should not easily change). For more information or to sign up for the seminar in Denver, go to www.talksexy.org.

This is going to be an interactive workshop where participants will be able to work with people in the room to help the find their boundaries and modify their boundaries as well as improve their communication skills when talking about their boundaries. You will also be allowed to ask lots of questions, such as “As are my boundaries right?” Yes, they are! It is yourself, and you have the right to set your own boundaries. At the end of the workshop each participant will be able to define their boundaries and know how to notice when other people’s boundaries are defined, understand and respect them, and communicate to others when their boundaries are violated.

Defining your boundaries goes for many situations, not just going to a dungeon. They need to be defined clearly and understandably. Communicating one’s boundaries is as important as defining them. You need to have the ability to communicate them to others so they know your boundaries. You also need to be able to communicate when your boundaries are being violated and who you need to communicate the violation to and how to follow up. Hardy will review how to report to people of authority at an event, whether it’s the fairy nymph patrolling the playroom or a security person. Contact Hardy for details if you’ll be in Denver on December 10 and would like to attend. Hardy will try to get a recording of his speech and make that available on YouTube for those who request it after the workshop.


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