Another Gregorian calendar year comes to an end with the celebration of the holiday season which includes lots of celebrations of all types. This holiday season I encourage you to push your comfort zone just a little bit while being safe. Don’t push your hard boundaries, just work on flexing your soft boundaries. You might be surprised by what you experience! Over the past year I have been part of helping many people define their boundaries, as well as continuously working on defining and enforcing my own boundaries while understanding and respecting those of others. During this season we have lots of art around us along with creativity and spirit, we have folks decorating their office cubicles, themselves, and their homes to celebrate the holiday season. The pleasure we get when we see all the holiday flair is one boundary I am asking you to push. Carry over that flair to the days and months after the holidays. Dress up when you go out, add a ton of color, create a temporary piece of art out of yourself. I have been adding “Hardy Flair” to my everyday dress and dressing so I am expressing myself, and comfortable and fun, as you can see in my Instagram feed. I encourage you to make a statement with your clothes, with what you wear and how you wear it. Don’t forget to share your boundary stretch or flair statement with me!
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