While in Denver, Hardy had the opportunity to support a body-positive student photography project by modeling for a shoot. Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design student Brenden Matthews’ master’s project is meant “to empower people to be comfortable in their own skin while also exploring the oddities of how different-shaped bodies bend light as it hits them.” The work involves “light bathing”—projecting images, colors, and patterns in light onto nude models and photographing their forms. The projections range from simple, black and white lines to majestic desert landscapes. Hardy and female model Rachael posed separately and together. The photos that result are both beautiful and unexpected. Brenden says, “Some images are abstract. Some are more recognizable as human bodies, but they still encompass the same basic concept. I have been working on this project for my master’s entry class for over a year now and plan on showing it in galleries across Colorado and (hopefully) the nation.” An important contemporary art center in Denver has already expressed interest in exhibiting the completed project. Follow Brenden on Instagram at @bkm_photo.
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