Immediately upon arrival in Denver earlier this month, Hardy went directly to a prearranged fetish photo shoot with award-winning, legally blind photographer Ted Tahquechi. Tahquechi’s artistic focus is how light plays over the form of the human body. His collections include Landscapes of the Body and Fetishscapes, which is sponsored by Talk Sexy Denver. Talk Sexy is a sex-positive, body-positive, all-inclusive community that is dedicated to self-exploration and self-expression. Fetishscapes is a collection of images that grew out of Ted’s years of studying the way light wraps and sculpts the human form. The photos in the collection juxtapose the sometimes harsh fetish and kink activities with beautiful, soft light. Hardy and a female model, Rachael, posed together. Ted told Hardy, “It was a pleasure working with you, and I enjoyed your lecture at Talk Sexy.” He plans to publish the project as a coffee-table book. He is using Hardy and local models instead of porn stars in order to make the project more visible and inclusive.

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