One reason Hardy was in Denver was to help the local community get exposed to some New York-style boundary-setting. He gave a 90-minute workshop on defining your boundaries for the Talk Sexy community. The audience also helped Hardy to continue his own growth in boundary-setting, while Hardy gave them a bunch of useful tools and techniques they could take away. Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive. One participant said, “That’s great! It was an interesting point of view, I thought, of boundaries. The people in front of me were whispering a lot and I could tell they were having a hard time adjusting to why someone would make boundaries ‘palatable’ for others. Like why isn’t a plain no enough? But I like his way better. I feel like people do want to be ‘liked’ and giving ideas on how to say no in a way that gives you power but also keeps things friendly is cool! (In the appropriate situation of course… sometimes no is all you do need.)”

To listen to the audio from the workshop, click here.

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