Hardy Brooklyn’s live, in-person events are on hold until restrictions on gatherings are officially lifted. (We have some big plans for when that day finally comes!)
Putting our live events on hold is in the best interests of our guests, sponsors, artists, and performers. We thank you for your patience and cooperation in social distancing to protect us all. In the meantime, we are going to focus on celebrating life and all it has to offer, even with the current limitations—we hope you enjoy all of Hardy’s recent and upcoming virtual appearances and some fun, participatory online art happenings!
Hardy really hoped common sense would prevail and the advice of the WHO and other experts would have been followed in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in this country, so we wouldn’t have had to be sequestered for so long. At least here in New York, we know we’re doing the right thing.
Please remember, the restrictions on events and gatherings are having a severe impact on all the performers, artists, venues, clubs, restaurants, production staff, and others who keep this city’s nightlife scene so exciting and vibrant. Many of them are self-employed and don’t have paid sick leave or unemployment insurance to tide them over this rough spot—and the federal stimulus payment won’t even cover one month’s rent in most of NYC. Many performers are offering fun virtual experiences for small fees or tips. If you can, consider making a donation to your favorite performers and venues that may be losing a major part of their regular income.
We are so very grateful to all of you healthcare, transit, grocery, and other essential workers who step up every day to do what is needed to keep the rest of us safe.
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