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Hardy Brooklyn is launching a new monthly webinar series with Dating Kinky, a free-membership date-matching site that is “built by kinksters for kinksters, poly, queer, trans folk, and anyone not-quite-vanilla.” The series, titled “My Body, My Soul, My Self, My Space, and My Mind,” explores and educates on issues around boundaries and consent with Hardy’s typical humor and common sense. The first episode airs this Monday, May 11, at 8PM Eastern time.
In any situation, you need to know your boundaries clearly and have the ability to communicate them to others, whether you’re the free-est love swinger or the most conservative “don’t want to be touched” person. Your feelings and your body are your own. Knowing and communicating your boundaries clearly is important; knowing your boundaries shows you the arena that you can play in safely and have some fun! In this first talk, Hardy will teach you how to define and convey your boundaries, and how to handle boundaries in different situations—from everyday interactions to visiting a dungeon. He’ll also cover how to communicate when your boundaries are violated, whom to communicate the violation to, and how to follow up, and there will be an interactive Q&A with Hardy as well. Register free of charge at https://datingkinky.com/consent/.
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