The world has become a very interesting place for art. The creation of art reflects its times, and in the world that we live in, art does not discriminate. All artists are equal. Every body is equal. And as we continue through this pandemic and society is starting to come to the realization that equality in the eyes of the law in a country that touts it so much does not exist. And I must say that Hardy has significantly taken advantage of white privilege throughout his journey. Most of the time bringing those not privileged along with him. And I encourage everyone that has white privilege to use that privilege to create equality where it does not exist. I as a human do not value the color of the skin that I was born with. I do not hold true to my heart my value based on the color of my skin. What I hold true to my heart is what I have created in my heart and in my mind and those that I get to help through my journey and expose to new and different things. So please speak out, please support minority local businesses. Please support artists of all races, colors, and creeds, and more importantly, please get out and vote.

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