For the last ten weeks or more during the Covid-19 pandemic and following the “stay at home” safety guidelines, I have been making art at home on a small table, with a minimal amount of art supplies. Working this way has led to a restrained (refined and confined?) body of work.
During this time I have produced a large number of smaller collages (12″ x 9″ being the largest) and also quite a few ink drawings on paper. I don’t think I would have ever made these pieces if I was working in my Long Island City art studio.

The confines of my home studio and the limited amount of art supplies has led to more direct art “statements” than I might otherwise have produced. Composer Igor Stravinsky once said that “The more constraints I impose on my work, the freer I am to create.” Working at home during these past three months or so, I found that his statement has proven to be true.

Contributed by Preston Trombly
Preston Trombly is a multi-talented visual artist, composer, performer, and speaker. He is a program host on Sirius XM’s Symphony Hall classical music channel, and his art has been featured in galleries and museums throughout the New York City metropolitan area.See Preston’s recent work at: www.instagram.com/preston.trombly/

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