Five new episodes of The Free & Open Mind Vcast with Hardy Brooklyn and Michelle Wild are now available for viewing. Be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel and check out the past ones as we get better and better! The Free & Open Mind is all about change and boundaries and finding your true life path. The discussions are all about guiding you on your path to finding out who you are and what your true passion is. Check it out at freeandopenmind.com.

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Here’s a preview of some of the lively discussions:

  • Introduction—Hardy Brooklyn and Michelle Wild talk about how they found their true passions and turned that into what they are doing with their lives. What made them go ahead and start a v-cast during a pandemic? What does “Free Open Mind” mean?
  • Boundaries—How are consent and boundaries interrelated? What a boundary is, how it will change over time and with each person you meet. How do you define and vocalize your boundaries clearly, without projecting onto the other person? How do you get over defining your boundaries when it might get you fired? How do you speak up when your boundaries have been violated?
  • Change—Once we define our boundaries and consent things begin to change. While change is good, it is scary! How do you deal with losing people in your life because you’ve started to change? How does change happen in our lives? Being kind to ourselves and giving ourselves time to change… realizing it does not happen overnight. How do you handle change that’s out of your control?

Future topics will include consent (not only in a sexual context!), changing your routine, examining your life’s path, improving your relationships, getting out of your comfort zone, changing your attitude, being more positive, and how not to compare your life to others.


Hardy and Michelle are looking for interesting folks with original insights on these topics to interview as guests on the show. If you’re interested or want to recommend someone, get in touch.

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