Hardy Brooklyn was a guest of Galit Tsadik, the FINancial Sharktress, on her weekly Facebook Live. He had a great time chatting with Galit and discovering how she really helps people with their relationship with money—it’s a lot like how Hardy helps folks with life coaching. Hardy and Galit talked about how a better understating of how the monetary system works and how we relate to it helps make change easier and happier. It will definitely be a fun and interesting listen. Check out the episode here: https://youtu.be/weZ9uxNBFt4.

Hardy also had Galit as a guest on his V-cast, The Free and Open Mind, recorded on July 24th. The episode will be online in the next few days, so keep an eye out for it. Some great takeaways are: start a “fuck-you fund,” check out Nerd Wallet for savings, and remember: your money works for you; it is your employee, so use it with intention. Listen to the conversation at https://youtu.be/CNISdUO_0pQ.

The Sharktress is currently offering a 25% discount to friends of Hardy on the skills and abundance School for Sharks coaching group that she will be launching September 10. Register with the coupon code HARDY to get the discount.

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